Cupertino students launch mindfulness platform amid pandemic

Two Cupertino students are bringing a new approach to mindfulness, launching a new online platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly making it difficult to get rest or take our minds off the things outside our control. That led a brother-sister duo to create Apart But Not Alone, which provides online-led mindfulness sessions.

Riyana Goel, a sixth-grade student at Stratford Raynor Middle, and her brother Aayush, a ninth-grader at Cupertino High, launched the program in late April.

They say the platform, which is open to students in countries across the world of any ability or age, is already seeing traffic from across the state and from international audiences.

“My brother and I have been practicing mindfulness for the past three years. We have personally benefited from it, especially to enhance our focus and stay calm during difficult moments,” said Riyana Goel in a statement.

The free sessions are led by certified practitioners, which the organization is working to ramp up. 30-minute sessions run Monday through Thursday each week at 4 p.m. Pacific over Zoom. The group encourages parents to sit in for sessions with students under 12 years old.

To see more information, visit the Apart But Not Alone website or Facebook page.