Three Santa Clara hospitals join convalescent plasma study

With the continued spread of COVID-19 in California and the West Valley, identifying effective treatment options is essential.

Three Santa Clara County hospitals are joining one effort to help bolster a potential treatment.

Valley Medical Center, O’Connor Hospital, and St. Louise Regional Hospital have all joined the research the Mayo Clinic study.

The research program is examining if the plasma from someone who has recovered from COVID-19 could be used to improve the condition of those still struggling from the disease.

“Given the lack of natural immunity and the lack of a vaccine, plasma therapy may help to provide the body what it needs to fight the infection,” said Dr. Dayani Nualles-Percy, the lead investigator of the study at SCVMC.

According to Santa Clara County health officials, the facilities joined the study in early April. Convalescent plasma is available for some patients who are critically ill or at risk of developing severe symptoms.

The study goals include seeing how plasma reduces the need for ventilators, ICU stays, or death. It is also studying how plasma might confer antibodies needed to support positive immune response.

The Food and Drug Administration is also monitoring the program and has issue guidance about the use of convalescent plasma.

For area residents who have recovered from COVID-19 and want to donate their plasma, see the American Red Cross site here or the FDA donation site here.

Stanford University started their own convalescent plasma study effort earlier in April.