Vallco bridge demolition complete

A study session will take place to discuss the future of the old Vallco mall on June 5.

The demolition work to remove the bridge spanning N. Wolfe Road at the old Vallco Mall site is complete. That news, coming from owners Sand Hill Property Company, means that road detours have wrapped up as well.

According to an e-newsletter sent out by the company on Monday, demolition finished within the expected timeline. It ran from Monday, March 30 until Tuesday, April 7.

The company said it undertook the work during the shelter-at-home order in part to minimize impacts on businesses and residents.

“Not only did closing Wolfe Road and completing the bridge demolition now, while community activity is limited, reduce impacts on residents and local businesses, but performing this work kept construction workers and city inspectors employed at a time of economic crisis when sadly many are being furloughed or laid off,” said Reed Moulds, Managing Director at Sand Hill, in the e-newsletter.

Sand Hill says it did the demolition work in coordination with the City of Cupertino, Caltrans, VTA, and County Health. Work will continue to clean up sidewalks and the east side edge of the mall building, which remains standing.

Video of the demolition activity is available as well, on the projects Facebook page here or at the image below.

Vallco Bridge Demolition Video, courtesy of Sand Hill Property e-newsletter