Round the clock parking lot opens to combat COVID-19

In an ongoing effort to combat novel coronavirus among housing unstable communities, County Supervisors have opened a 24/7 parking lot.

Open at Shoreline Amphitheatre’s Lot B, the safe site has space for up to 30 vehicles. It had previously been used only for overnight parking, but COVID-19 concerns motivated the change. The City of Mountain View is a partner in the effort.

“Unhoused residents are among the most vulnerable to infection during the COVID-19 crisis,” said County Supervisor Joe Simitian.

Santa Clara County and Mountain View officials hope to extend a former VTA lot to 24/7 operations in coming days. Another lot, owned by Palo Alto Housing is also under consideration. Combined, the two lots would accommodate 40 more vehicles.

“While not a long-term solution, safe parking allows residents to have stability in where they sleep each night while they seek permanent housing,” said Simitian.

The Shoreline lot came together through a lease with the County, Mountain View, and Live National Entertainment.