Stockpiles of medical-grade supplies, equipment must be reported

The lack of personal protective equipment – masks, facial coverings, gloves – has been a lightning rod in the battle against COVID-19. Now, as it prepares for a potential surge in patients, Santa Clara County is calling on businesses to step up.

In a new order announced Wednesday, businesses and individuals much report large stockpiles of PPE and ventilators. It comes following news that California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that will bolster the state’s PPE supply. And Tuesday, Cupertino’s De Anza College announced it was helping 3-D print facemask materials.

Reporting, completed via online survey, is required by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15. To read the County’s order in full, click here.

“While we have requested State and Federal resources, it is important to know the volume of PPE or ventilators that already exist in our local community,” said Dr. Jennifer Tong, the County’s Hospital Surge Capacity Branch Chief.

List of items to report

Individuals or businesses with any of the items, at the minimum quantities listed, below are required to report them.

  • Nitrile gloves (if more than 5,000)
  • Vinyl gloves (if more than 5,000)
  • Medical-grade N95 masks (if more than 500)
  • Non-medical grade N95 masks (if more than 500)
  • Surgical or procedure masks (if more than 500)
  • Safety goggles with extensions to cover sides of eyes (if more than 100)
  • Face shields that cover ear to ear and to chin (if more than 100)
  • Long-sleeve protective gowns of any type (if more than 100)
  • Long-sleeve protective coveralls of any type (if more than 100)
  • Hair-covering bonnets of any type (if more than 500)
  • Shoe coverings of any type (if more than 500)
  • Bleach wipes (if more than 100 containers)
  • Sani-Wipes or Sani-Cloths (if more than 100 containers)
  • Small or medium hand sanitizers greater than 8 oz. at CDC grade (if more than 100 containers)
  • Gallon or large hand sanitizers at CDC grade (if more than 10 containers)
  • PAPR hoods (if more than 2)
  • PAPR systems minus hoods (if more than 2)
  • CAPR systems minus disposable parts (if more than 2)
  • CAPR disposable lenses (if more than 10)
  • CAPR disposable cuffs (if more than 10)
  • CAPR shrouds or hoods (if more than 10)
  • Ventilators