County says it has housing for all homeless with COVID-19

Santa Clara County officials announced late Friday that they had identified housing for every person with COVID-19 who needs housing assistance.

“We have led the region in addressing homelessness and the housing challenges facing our community,” said County Supervisor Dave Cortese.

In addition to that laudable feat, officials said 174 vulnerable residents have been given shelter space or other housing, with more than 200 more set to receive placements in coming days.

County staff, led by the Director of the County’s Office of Supportive Housing Ky Le, are working with other government agencies and non-profit partners to secure the housing space.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Destination: Home, and the City of San Jose have assisted. Homeless individuals are more likely to have underlying health conditions, which put them at high-risk for COVID-19 complications.

At the end of March, County officials and Continuum of Care partners, announced measures to support the homeless community during the pandemic.

Existing shelters are now 24/7 and have social distancing. Seasonal shelters are staying open later into April. Temporary shelters are now in place at the County Fairgrounds, with San Jose set to open two more at Parkside and South Halls. State officials have delivered 105 trailers to San Jose to house homeless and housing-unstable individuals in coming weeks.