West Valley Community Services calls for donations to help serve those impacted by shelter in place order

Silicon Valley’s high cost of living leaves 720,000 Bay Area residents at risk for hunger

West Valley Community Services is stepping up as families shelter in place to curb the spread of novel coronavirus,

To support families struggling to pay rent or find their next meal, the organization has launched a fundraising effort and needs community support.

“As our community’s safety net, West Valley Community Services is called now, more than ever, to serve the needs of our low income and homeless residents,” said Josh Selo, the group’s Executive Director. 

As demand for food and financial assistance dramatically increases, West Valley Community Services asked community members to pitch in. Public support will focus on the needs of low-income children, families, and individuals at this unprecedented time.

“As you know, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in school and business closures that will lead to loss of jobs and hourly earnings. This pandemic will undoubtedly leave a harmful and long-lasting impact on the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods,” Selo added.

WVCS identified important areas where they need public aid. Those able to help can do the following:

  • Donate supplies or unexpired and unopened cans of food or shelf-stable dry packaged food (canned meals, canned fruits and vegetables, oatmeal packets, mac and cheese, cereal bars, pasta, noodles, rice, instant soup cups, fruit snacks etc.) to feed low income and homeless community residents.
  • Provide financial assistance by donating via the West Valley Community Services website.

To donate, drop off at WVCS, 10104 Vista Dr. in Cupertino. Donation hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 1 to 5 p.m. Donors should ring the doorbell upon arrival.

Local residents in need of food assistance can visit the WVCS page here to see if they qualify. Or they can call 408-255-8033.