County Board of Supervisors moves to find resolution with Lehigh

Aerial view of the Lehigh Permanente Quarry

More than nine months after issuing a violation to Lehigh Permanente Quarry in Cupertino for excess runoff into Permanente Creek, Santa Clara County is seeking to find a resolution with the company.

The County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in their meeting on Tuesday, done by video conference and telephone, directing county staff to provide a report on the status of the violation and mitigation efforts the Lehigh has taken.

“This simply asks the Planning Department to report back on the status of this effort so that the Board and the public, critically, can get a better understanding of where we are in the process,” said Supervisor Joe Simitian during the hearing.

Lehigh, which has been locally producing and supplying construction materials in the region since 1903, agreed with Simitian in calling for a resolution to the item.

“We want to thank Supervisor Simitian for his leadership in requesting the County Administration to report to the Board,” said Erika Guerra of Lehigh Hanson, in a statement. “We share Supervisor Simitian’s desire to resolve this issue.”

The company says they have been actively working to provide County staff with documentation needed to resolve the issue, in addition to on-site changes to mitigate any damage.

“Lehigh has worked diligently to protect the Creek by implementing all mitigation actions,” Guerra continued. “Over the past eight months, Lehigh has provided to County staff all the necessary records to resolve this matter.”

Simitian asked that County staff bring the report back to the Board by mid-May, though he acknowledged the COVID-19 situation may make that impractical.

To read the Board’s referral action in full, click here.