Santa Clara County passes eviction moratorium

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In its first-ever virtual meeting, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors unanimously enacted a moratorium on evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ordinance protects those who fail to pay rent during the crisis, when the renters are financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Renters would have to document how the crisis has caused ‘substantial loss.’

Importantly, the moratorium applies to both residential and small businesses commercial renters. It is set to end on May 31, but could be extended if the crisis lingers into the summer.

“Residents and small business owners need to know they aren’t going to be out on the street, and this Ordinance does that,” said County Supervisor Joe Simitian.

Renters would have 120 days following the end of the moratorium to pay the back rent they owe.

To read the County’s enacted ordinance in full, click here.

Cupertino considers moratorium, defers to County’s action

Also on Tuesday, Cupertino’s City Council considered their own eviction moratorium.

While the city’s proposed ordinance was more stringent in some ways, and had a 180 day forbearance, councilmembers were worried that enacting their own measure would leave residents wondering which rules applied to them.

“I think there is a lot of confusion,” Cupertino Councilman Rod Sinks said during the meeting, which rook place on a videoconference.

“From a communications and administration perspective, we are better off with one ordinance that applies county-wide,” Sinks continued.

City Attorney Heather Minner shared that perspective, noting that the City could always revisit in the future and enact stronger, more targeted protections as needed.