Four Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputies test positive for COVID-19

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Community spread of novel coronavirus continues to radiate throughout Santa Clara County and the Bay Area at large. Unfortunately, no group is immune, with the County Sheriff’s Department as the latest to see an outbreak among its ranks.

On Monday evening, the Department’s spokesperson Michael Low announced that three Deputies had tested positive for COVID-19. One deputy serves in the patrol department and two in the Custody Bureau. One of the three has been hospitalized.

A fourth deputy with the virus was announced midday Tuesday, also from the Custody Bureau.

The Department sought to allay resident concerns about public safety, noting that they “are continuing to monitor the situation and are working to mitigate further exposure.”

County Sheriff’s Deputies are the main law enforcement agency for much of the region, as most cities in the County do not have their own Police Departments.

“We want to assure the public that our Office remains dedicated to serving and protecting the community during these trying times,” the Department said in a statement Monday.

While County Health Department officials have not yet called on Sheriff’s Deputies to do widespread enforcement of the stay-at-home order, a new hotline and email address has been set up for residents to report non-compliant businesses that have stayed open.