Blood donation need continues, despite coronavirus

As the Bay Area struggles to combat the growing spread of COVID-19, many residents are asking what actions they can take to do some good in an otherwise difficult time.

While seven counties in the region – including Santa Clara County – are under a shelter in place order, blood donations are exempt, as it provides an essential service for medical patients.

Stanford Blood Center leadership noted the continued need for blood in area hospitals, even with the increasing shutdown of civic life.

“Even with a shelter in place in effect, individuals in our community — potentially even individuals we know personally — will continue to be in car accidents, need emergency organ transplants, give birth to babies in critical condition, and need chemotherapy,” said Harpreet Sandhu, the center’s CEO and Executive Director.

The Center has also taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of donors, who were already required to be healthy and well before donating blood. Hand sanitizers are now present in each donation booth, with extra distance between chairs. Center staff is also being strictly held to policies keeping them from working if they feel ill.

Sandu outlined the measures, stating, “We are taking extra safety precautions and being extremely careful with our safety procedures so as to ensure the continued health of our donors. In particular, increased distancing between donors as well as extreme sanitation procedures in place at our donation locations makes them one of the safest public spaces to visit.”

To seem more information about donating blood during the shelter in place, click here.