Sunnyvale college-planning workshop Thursday on maximizing summer plans

An event this week in Sunnyvale, similar to a recent event at Monta Vista High in Cupertino, will give students and parents get some perspective, insight, and constructive planning ideas for the upcoming summer.

While solid grades and high test scores are well-known and acknowledged aspects of the college application process, extra-curricular activities and summer plans can also play a significant role.

Set for Thursday, January 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Syrous Parsay will lead the discussion. Parsay has led a number of these discussions in the West Valley over the last year.

Thursday’s event, organized by Fremont High School’s Parent Teacher Student Association, will focus on developing a summer plan, finding resources for internships, employment, or volunteer opportunities, and planning for the fall’s application deadlines.

Fremont High School’s Shannon Theater, 575 W. Fremont Ave. in Sunnyvale, will host the meeting.

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