Blood donations in high demand as flu season ramps up

With the annual flu season well underway, one healthcare provider is putting out the call for much-needed blood donations.

Stanford Blood Center, which supplies blood products and testing services to many hospitals across the Bay Area, is hoping more local residents will step up and donate to help shrink the current shortage.

“The flu season has arrived early, and it’s put us in a tough position for collecting the blood products needed to help save lives,” said Ross Coyle, spokesperson for the center.

If you have already received a flu vaccine or are healthy the day of a donation, you can help support the ongoing blood needs in the Bay Area. The center notes recent patient needs that have required more than 1,650 units of blood in the last two weeks.

Blood donations are always in high demand, particularly for the rarer types in our population. While any and all blood types are welcome, organizers say Type O is particularly helpful as O- blood is universal and can be given to any recipient, regardless of their blood type. It is also most often used for trauma and pediatric patients.

Not sure if you are able to donate blood? Click here to check eligibility rules.

Stanford Blood Center has three local donations centers: Campbell, Menlo Park, and Mountain View. Additionally, a number of mobile pop-ups are coming to Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Redwood City in the next few weeks.

To see scheduling options, click here or call 888-723-7831.