De Anza may add housing to Flint Center site

The Flint Center at De Anza College.

The Bay Area’s housing crisis showing few signs of slowing down, and studies continuing to show students and young people as among those facing elevated rates of housing insecurity.

In response, a group of De Anza College students is stepping up and pushing administrators, the Foothill-De Anza Community College District, and Cupertino officials to support more housing in the community.

With the Flint Center, De Anza’s aging performing arts center, closed and set to be replaced – following community input on various options – the students have identified the site as a possible place to build new housing on campus.

At a District Board meeting, when pushed about the need for affordable student housing on campus, Chancellor Judy Miner responded that the Flint Center site would likely be a combination of performing arts space and housing units.

Earlier this week, De Anza’s student representative on the district board, Genevieve Kolar, spoke at Cupertino’s City Council meeting about the need for affordable housing in the region, particularly given the difficulty students have juggling school, work, and other commitments.

More community outreach about development at De Anza College is expected in coming months. A town hall is tentatively set for November 12, where the college will present ideas and a potential timeline.

2 Comments on "De Anza may add housing to Flint Center site"

  1. Why do we need housing ?
    Isn’t this a local college for students that live I the area.
    We pay our taxes for that !

  2. Susan Stecklair | November 9, 2019 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    Out taxes only pay for a portion of the college’s expenses, see the recent financial report: But a surprising number of students are having difficulty to pay for both college tuition, and expensive housing in the bay area. I don’t know about you, but I struggled to get thru college financially, because my parent did not pay for tuition nor housing/food. It is important for Silicon Valley that the educational systems continue to educate our youth; supply talented workers to our area, our state and country. I hope that they do replace the Flint Center with another large performing arts center and with student housing above it. I loved the Flint Center, and volunteered there. Would like to see something return there.
    FYI, DeAnza College is considered to be one of the best local colleges in the country. Let’s support it.
    When I went to the University of Michigan, there were dormitories for the students. This is not a new concept for students.

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