Santa Clara continues effort to cut 49ers from stadium operations

Following moves earlier this year, the City of Santa Clara has taken another step to removing the 49ers from its event management role at Levi’s Stadium.

This spring, the City and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority began the effort to take the 49ers out of the team’s role in managing non-football events at the facility, including concerts and soccer games. The ‘Notice of Breach’ at that time alleged that the 49ers had violated their management agreement.

This morning, Santa Clara’s City Attorney Brian Doyle sent a letter to the team stating that the city will terminate the management agreement as of November 15th, with the same allegations from the breach notice at the heart of the issue.

Santa Clara’s City Council also voted 6-0 this week to start the process to end the 49ers management deal at the city-owned facility.

Revenue to the City of Santa Clara from non-football events at Levi’s Stadium has significantly declined in recent years, according to other news reports.

The back and forth between the city, the stadium authority, and the 49ers is likely to last at least a little while longer pending litigation. Notably, these management issues do not affect 49ers games themselves – good news to fans of the team, which is off to a division-leading 2-0 start to the season.