Community input needed for Flint Center’s future

The Flint Center at De Anza College.

A local community college is asking the community for input as it decides what to do next with its on-campus theater.

The Flint Center, De Anza College’s performing arts center, is in need of major renovations or replacement, according to the college. The Foothill-De Anza Community College District is asking area residents to provide their input on what should come next for the facility.

Because of structural safety concerns, the Flint Center is not used for performances or events at this time. It was opened in 1971 and seats more than 2,000, making it one of the larger venues in Cupertino.

Recently, the district commissioned an assessment study to identify different options for renovations or replacement of the theater. That study found that renovating the space would cost at least $49.6 million, while continuing to maintain the facility while closed would cost approximately $28,000 per month.

Among the options the district is considering, should the building be torn down, include new employee or student housing or a conference center.

According to the district’s FAQ about the project, the Flint Center hosted 80 events during the 2017-2018 season. None of the options would harm De Anza’s instructional capacity, as classroom activities have already moved out of the facility.

Community input on the future of the Flint Center is open until June 7, 2019. The district’s Board of Trustees will discuss the options, including these comments, at its meeting on June 10.

To see more information or to submit your comment on the future of the Flint Center, click here.

3 Comments on "Community input needed for Flint Center’s future"

  1. Cupertino needs good conference Centre which can be helpful to community organization for fund raising events , to start up for their tech conference and also for seminars and training- boot camps etc

  2. South Bay needs a performing art theater. We have a lot of conference centers. The location of Flint will make traffic in Cupertino even worse if a conference center is built.

  3. The Flint Center is an historical building/landmark. It is truly one of Cupertino’s prized jewels! Cupertino needs this priceless facility now and in the future for multiple reasons and for the coming generations. A complete renovation now would be well worth the money – “If you built it (renovate) they will come.” It would be great to see Apple Computer put up the money for the these renovations, considering the role that the Flint Center has played in Apple’s history. It would be a great way for them to give back to the community and help to preserve their own history! It’s win-win for everybody!

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