VTA fares to rise beginning New Year’s Day

VTA fares to rise January 1.

Residents will have to pay a little bit more to ride Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) services beginning Jan. 1.

A single-ride on local bus and light rail routes will see the youth fare rise to $1.25 and the adult fare will jump to $2.50. A single-ride on an express bus will now cost $5. 

The fare increases are the second in a two-phase plan, according to VTA. The agency’s Board of Directors approved the plan in June 2017. Prior to that decision, VTA fares had not changed since 2008.

Also beginning next month, residents can purchase Adult Clipper cards at VTA ticket vending machines at all light rail station platforms. Customers can load fares at the time of ticket purchase or any time they want to add value to their card, the agency says.

For more information about the new VTA fares, click here.