Code of Conduct recommended to address bad behavior at Cupertino public centers

Photo courtesy of Cupertino Senior Center Facebook.Photo courtesy of Cupertino Senior Center Facebook.

“Behavioral issues” that have recently surfaced at both the Cupertino Senior Center and Sports Center have prompted the city’s director of Recreation and Community Services to recommend enforcing a Code of Conduct policy that includes “a range from warnings to eventual temporary exclusions with an appropriate opportunity for review and appeal,” according to city documents.

The policy appears on the Parks and Recreation Commission agenda for the meeting this Thursday, April 5, at Community Hall, 10350 Torre Ave. in Cupertino.

The agenda documents did not specify which codes of conduct were being repeatedly violated at the Senior Center and Sports Center. However, city staff cited existing municipal code penalties for those who use obscene, abusive or insulting language as well as those who unreasonably interrupt or interfere with normal municipal activities being carried out by employees or officers. Such penalties can range from $100 to $500 for first, second and repeat offenders.

The commissioners are being asked to review a Code of Conduct poster (see below) expressing “zero tolerance” for certain behaviors as a tool for staff to enforce the rules within the public facilities.

“Based on recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Director (of Recreation and Community Services) will propose adoption by the City Council,” according to the agenda item.