New video offers stunning tour of Cupertino’s history

New video offers stunning tour of Cupertino historyAn image from Eagle Scout Michael Masri's new video about Cupertino's history.

You now have access to a stunning tour of Cupertino’s historical sites thanks to a new video produced by Eagle Scout Michael Masri of Boy Scout Troop 476.

The video tour was one of many different projects that the Eagle Scouts have done for the Cupertino Historical Society and Museum (CHS&M), Donna Austin, the organization’s co-president, told Cupertino Today.

Masri worked on the video with CHS&M historian Gail Fretwell Hugger, who provides the voice-over. Masri used photos from the museum’s collection to put the video together, according to Austin.

The video will be featured on the CHS&M web page and on Facebook and Twitter “with the purpose of further preserving, sharing and creating love for local history”, Austin said.

Other projects done by the Eagle Scouts for CHS&M include a hiking tour of historical spots, as well as a show case for the museum.

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  1. Barbara Pollek | January 11, 2018 at 5:52 pm | Reply

    Nice job, Michael & friends!

  2. Thank you!!! Very interesting… love the original photos !!!

  3. Nicely done! Pictures and video very interesting

  4. Great video! Nice memories. I lived on Monte Vista Ave. in Monte Vista. Cupertino was a fun place for a kid!

  5. Amazing !! Good job. Lot of effort looks like. Keep it up.

  6. Very nice, Thank you.

  7. Debbie Boitano | January 24, 2018 at 10:58 am | Reply

    My dad owned the butcher shop with Qiunterno’s and Refredi’s grocery store. He had the business for 33 three years. John Boitano would give all children and adults who asked a hot dog. He had two reasons for this. One to keep little ones quiet. Second to give parents a calm shopping trip.

  8. H.Ronnie Henesian | January 24, 2018 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    Jan. 24, 2018 – Sorry I hadn’t seen this presentation before today. Found it by chance. My husband, 2-year old son and I came to Cupertino from Michigan in Sept. 1952 when DeAnza Blvd was called Hwy #9. I can identify many of the stores at the crossroads of Stevens Creek and, now, DeAnza. Next to the post office, was Angie’s clothing store. Next to Angie’s was an eatery. Across the street from the Post Office was a lone building housing a clothing store called Wilson’s. In the lone building next to it was the “modern” drug store of Cupertino. Across the street from the corner grocery store with the wooden floors was a dilapidated 2-pump gas station (where the red brick building now stands). A coffee and pie shop was in the now Target parking lot. Of course, there was Cali’s silo feed place which served the ranchers. We bought our sulfur by the 50 lb sack there to use in drying apricots in our back yard on Wallace Drive in the Homestead Villa track at the intersection of #85 and Homestead Road. You could drive all the way to the City of Santa Clara on 2-lane Homestead Road and not pass more than 5 or 6 cars. On Homestead Rd. and Lawrence (then called Lawrence Station Road) where Kaiser is now, I bought grocery bags of cherries at 10 cents a pound.
    And, if it had rained and the cherries were slightly split….it sold at
    5 cents a pound. You could go into any new developing subdivision and the superintendent of construction would welcome your taking all the apricots off the trees as the ripened fruit was a nuisance underfoot. The “Valley of Heart’s Delight” is but a memory. Still, after 65 years in Cupertino….
    I would not trade it by returning to Michigan’s winters!

  9. Thomas Orsua | March 11, 2018 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    I was born in San Jose in “49”. Moved to Sunnyvale in “54” or “55”. My Dad worked at Kaiser Permanente, west end of Stevens Creek. He worked nights so sometimes my Mom would take make him a (hot) lunch. We would pass through Cupertino and Monta Vista. I remember all the orchards, cherry,apricot,walnut, fields of green beans, tomatoes and barley. Valley of Heart’s Delight” Gone, all gone. “Thanks For The Memories” Keep up the good work.

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