Cupertino declares weeds a nuisance

Cupertino declares weeds a nuisancePhoto: Santa Clara County Weed Abatement Program.

Cupertino properties where weeds have become a nuisance are being put on notice.

Last week, Cupertino City Council voted unanimously on a resolution to declare weeds a nuisance in the city and to set forth a weed abatement process that puts pressure on non-compliant property owners to address the problem.

Excessive weeds present a fire hazard, according to the resolution.

The county has prepared a list of properties that haven’t done a proper job of removing weeds in the last three years. Those property owners were set to receive a notice informing them that they must remove their weeds by April 30, according to a Cupertino city staff report. After April 30, the county plans to inspect the properties in question, and will conduct abatement on those that remain non-compliant. The abatement work plus the administrative costs will then be assessed to the property.

City Council is expected to hold a hearing in January to consider objections by property owners, and to also adopt a resolution ordering abatement.