Cupertino High thanked for $13,000 donation to Texas school affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hashtag PantherStrong and hashtag SheldonStrong.The Texas school created the hashtag #PantherStrong right after Hurricane Harvey Struck.

Cupertino High School received a note from C.E. King High School in Sheldon, Texas thanking the school and its students for their $13,000 donation after Hurricane Harvey struck.

The Pioneers raised the money by encouraging donations from family and friends via social media, sporting events, school, and even during classes.

Pioneers to Panthers

Principal Kami Tomberlain said, “My nephew is the football coach at C.E. King High. So I pitched an idea to the students and we made an adopt-a-school plan.”

C.E. King — home of the Panthers — was heavily affected by the storm, forcing them to delay the start of their school year. Cupertino High raised enough money to replace all of the books that were destroyed, plus school supplies and other necessary materials.

Principal Tomberlain commended her students for their compassion and dedication to the Pioneers to Panthers project.

A thank you letter from King Davis, Sheldon ISD Superintendent to Cupertino High School

The thank you note from King Davis, Sheldon ISD Superintendent