Cupertino parents will soon have access to mobile app for carpooling

Cupertino residents will soon have access to a mobile application facilitating parent carpooling thanks to a new partnership between the Fremont Union High School District and Pogo, Inc.

On Tuesday, Cupertino City Council voted in favor of providing the mobile app technology to FUHSD, with the aim of relieving traffic congestion in the city, reducing gas emissions and providing a practical solution for working families.

Parents would be able to create and manage walk, bike, or car “kidpools” for school pick up and drop off. The Pogo app allows users to search matching routes, send messages within the app, organize carpools, track the rides and receive pickup notifications.

The vendor, Pogo, Inc., is a Seattle-based startup whose app is currently being used in 12 private schools in the Pacific Northwest and Orange County. In 2015, the technology won Verizon’s Powerful Answers Award contest.

For more information about the app, click here.